Tarot Journal #56: Five of Swords/ 4 of Disks/ Four of Cups (Luxury)

Always Still in Motion

The Wall

by Ann Sexton

Nature is full of teeth
that come in one by one, then
decay, fall out.
In nature nothing is stable,
all is change, bears, dogs, peas, the willow,
all disappear. Only to be reborn.
Rocks crumble, make new forms,
oceans move the continents,
mountains rise up and down like ghosts
yet all is natural, all is change.

As I write this sentence
about one hundred and four generations
since Christ, nothing has changed
except knowledge, the test tubes.
Man still falls into the dirt
and is covered.
As I write this sentence one thousand are going
and one thousand are coming.
It is like the well that never dries up.
It is like the sea which is the kitchen of God.

We are all earthworms,
digging our wrinkles.
We live beneath the ground
and if Christ should come in the form of a plow
and dig a furrow and push us up into the day
we earthworms would be blinded by the sudden light
and writhe in our distress.
As I write this sentence I too writhe.

For all you who are going,
and there are many who are climbing their pain,
many who will bepainted out with a black ink
suddenly and before it is time,
for these many I say,
awkwardly, clumsily,
take off your life like trousers,
your shoes, your underwear,
then take off your flesh,
unpick the lock of your bones.
In other words
take off the wall
that separates you from God.

Today after a long day of working with older, injured adults some recovering and some on their way out of a long life, I am satisfied to let my body relax and just be with my mind at rest, but still aware that each and every moment the world in me and around me is in flux, altering life around me and in me in uncountable ways. At this moment I am alright with that. I can let the world change me and all that is connected to me and know that it will all drift in ways I can’t control. I can teach people to use their changing bodies with more efficient, safe, and pain-free movements and how to use devices so they can continue to be mobile, but I will never control the ultimate outcomes mine or theirs. Eventually, we all come to a point where we no longer move through the world, but we will always move with the world and all that is contained in the world and in us. That is inescapable. We will all always be connected to each other and all that is in the world, moving and transforming, separating and combining in infinite ways.

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