Year in Review: June 2010


Big Change Part II

The biggest event of June 2010, for our clan, was Mary’s pinning ceremony. She took a giant step to becoming a nurse by graduating with her nursing degree. Our friends from California came up and camped in our backyard for a week to be here for this, and just hang out and relax in the cool away from Sacramento Valley summer. Boy! did they get cool weather. It was cloudy and rainy most of the time they were here.

After that we shifted into moving mode (house hunting, packing, worrying).

At my work the regular year ended and things got weird. Our director went on vacation. Eviction notices arrived, but not many students. We were still hoping the real estate deal would save us. It was all very confusing and unsettling.


Things I Wrote and Movies I watched

June 5

Journal Entry:

Allergies have come upon me even in the wet weather. Driving Rain, walking rain, settling rain, stopped now. Give me some dry weather if my allergies are going to torture me anyway.

Parent Newsletter:

As we go into this time of transition, I just want to remind parents:

1. Make your child aware of all they have accomplished this year.

2. Focus on summer adventures not the changes that will come in the fall. There will be plenty of time for preparations in August.

3. Don’t worry too much most children are better at adapting to new situations than you expect.

4. Get to know your child’s new school and, if possible, teacher as well as you can before your child gets there so you can provide better support.

June 6

Ghost World is one of my favorite movies.

I watched it again and loved it again.

June 15

Journal Entry:

At work: Rainy morning:

2 children playing/working in the block room. I am eating a breakfast PB and banana sandwich. Pat and Holly (friends from California) are in a tent among the raindrops in our backyard at home, and Mary is on a camping trip probably in the rain.

Yesterday was glorious sun and streaked white sky. Today is all gray, sodden.

June 21

Journal Entry:

The first day of summer is cool and cloudy, but no rain yet. I said good-bye to Pat and Holly this morning before work. This last week has been full and populated. Jordan (my oldest son) has been around a lot as well. No time for normal life. Mary’s pinning on Wednesday, Thursday’s art walk and the Upfront (theater), Friday True Stories (Pat’s and my favorite movie), work and swollen eyes and antihistamine.

David Byrne is inspired no matter what he does.

Saturday, the dog was sick and Mary anxious, a walk in the sunny park with thousands of bicyclists.

Then we watched Men Who Stare at Goats, and to cap it off BBQ ala Jordan.

Sunday, Pat helped me with the laundry, and we hung out at Boulevard park.

It has taken 3 days to recover my balance between the summer weirdness at work and a week of no time to myself, no reading. I really missed reading and writing. They balance me.

June 29

Journal Entry:

I have no idea what to do about anything. It all hinges on whether Mary can pass her exam (NCLEX).

June 30

Journal Entry:

After watching The Road, a post apocalypse dream of running a boarding school where hundreds of kids slept and played on a warehouse floor. There was a swimming pool.


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