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Year in Review: March 2010

March was a busy month with a lot on its strange and springy mind. March 1 – March 31 We started our new class calendar. We thought of six things (watermelon, shamrock, butterfly, fire hat, rainbow, and heart) and made … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Albums and Books

These are albums and books that I came across this year. Many of them are not new, just new to me. 1. The Suburbs by Arcade Fire: This is such a richly textured mix of instruments, musical ideas, and thoughtful … Continue reading

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Two Worlds Touch Here: The End of Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy

“Two worlds touch here. You think men have power to call forth what they will? Evoke a world, awake or sleeping? Make it breathe and then set out upon it figures which a glass gives back or which the sun … Continue reading

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Storytellers Inside the Story: Cormac McCarthy’s “The Crossing”

I have been listening to a fine reading (by Alexander Adams) of Cormac McCarthy‘s  “The Crossing.” In it the Author uses different voices to comment on the nature of storytelling, good and evil, life and death, the value of art … Continue reading

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